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Hensons Gap TN

Wind Direction NW
AGL 1400
Glide 4 to 1
Ridge 10 Miles +
XC Record None
Pilot Rating PG = P3
HG = H4
Site Location Window Rock Road (Bowman Road)
Launch GPS 35.348685,-85.332434
Main LZ 35.365956,-85.345427
Bailout LZ None
Number of Flights per Year 200 Estimated
Additonal Notes Be aware of the Hang gliders
CAUTION There are several DNL fields in the area. Check the TTT web site to download the GPS Coordinates .
Hensons Launch
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Updated 5.29.14

This site is not a suitable for first mountain flights, even under instructor supervision. No exceptions will be made

****P-2's hoping to fly Hensons Please read the following carefully**** 1st you must have 5 prior mountain launches and a foot-launch rating. You must then complete a minimum of 5 additional safe flights from Henson under the direct supervision of a USHPA certified instructor in order to achieve a sign-off for the site.

Following site sign-off: P2's may fly under only the following circumstances: Flights must occur under P2 appropriate conditions as defined by USHPA and under the guidance of a P3 mentor who has significant experience at the site being flown - mentorship being a one on one relationship encompassing all pre-flight and flight decisions.

This is a USHPA insured site, and as such, we require any and all instruction to be performed only by USHPA certified instructors who are Rogallo level members in good standing and having the proper insurance coverage.

All pilots are expected to adhere to these site requirements. Those who are found to be out of compliance with the above may have their privileges at SPP sites suspended or revoked.

Hensons Launch is privately owned by an SPP member as with all our sites please respect the property and the local residents.
We are also allowed to use the Tennessee Tree Toppers facilities next door. We are guests here and we  assume everyone knows what this means. We  want to fly here and we do not not want to throw it away, so it is up to us and the way we treat TTT and their property.
There are restrooms, showers, and clubhouse with Internet and a lot of place for camping. Please treat this place as it is your own backyard. We just found another jewel so let’s preserve it for many years of safe flying ahead.


Hensons Hangies
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Always coordinate with HG pilots on launch if there any. After take off, never immediately turn toward HG ramp, to your right. Fly straight forward to clear enough space from the ridge and make sure that ramp is clearly seen and no one launching before making that right handed turn.

In SW winds condition launch can be tricky since it is shaded by the trees and take off run should be more Precise than with any other wind directions. This tree shade can create some rotor in front of the cliff which produces a lot of sink. There are two streamers bordering the runway and take off should be made in between them.

Hensons LZ
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Primary Landing Zone
As of today, TTT and SPP agreed on following. Our designated LZ is upper part of main HG LZ. When you see it from launch it is on top of the field. In this picture it is shown as red shaped area. Our recommended approach pathways are shown in yellow/green color and blue are usual HG approach pathways. Always consider wind direction at the bottom of the valley. There are still the same Do Not Land fields to consider

There are several DNL (DO NOT LAND) fields in the area, please be sure you are familiar with them before you fly.You can obtain downloadable GPS coordinates from the TTT web site


To Launch from Dunlap
Proceed north on Hwy 127 through Dunlap.
Turn right onto Hwy 111 South (toward Chattanooga) north of Dunlap.
Proceed past East Valley Road exit (which may be taken to LZ: right after exit, left at Davis Chapel/East Valley Baptist Church) and up the mountain. Notice beautiful view on right. Exit right onto Lewis Chapel Road.
Take first right. Left at T onto Poe Road/Henson Gap Road (unmarked). Take first right onto Window Rock Road (Bowman Road) and proceed about 1.7 miles to TTT entrance on right marked by painted rock. If you don't know the combination to the lock, contact a neighbor.

To Launch from Chattanooga
Take Hwy 27 north. After paralleling Walden's Ridge (the other side of which Henson's is on), passing the Hwy 153/Chickamauga Dam Exit, the town of Soddy Daisy, the Sequoyah Exit, and crossing part of the lake, exit left onto Hwy 111 North toward Dunlap. Climb mountain. Notice beautiful view on right. Proceed across plateau. Exit right then turn left onto Lewis Chapel Road. Follow "Directions to launch from Dunlap" from this point (Lewis Chapel Road).

Directions to LZ from Launch
After leaving TTT driveway, turn left. Go to the end of Window Rock Road and turn left. Follow Henson's Gap Road about down the mountain and look for Davis Loop on left immediately at the bottom. Follow around until you reach the LZ. Please consider the locals and drive slowly past their houses. To proceed to the TTT LZ Shady Bottom Breakdown area, continue past Davis Loop until you see the pull-out on the left just past the sweetgum thicket. It is directly across Henson Gap Road from Graham Road on the right. Park in the grassy area behind the brush line and ditch. The TTT Rock Bottom creekside picnic area is also accessible from here

Emergency Landing Zone
There are no "Emergency LZ's most fields are fine to land in if there is an emergency. However there are several fields you should NOT land in, it's expressly forbidden and will face trouble if you land in one of these fields. Please note the picture on the right.

2 meter 151.625 MHz
Family Band Channel 8
Any other channel or frequency agreed among group of pilots during flying day