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Whitwell PG

Wind Direction E- SE
AGL 1450 (2300 MSL)
Glide 4.5
Ridge 10 Miles
XC Record None to date
Pilot Rating PG = P3
HG = H4
Site Location Whitwell, TN
Launch GPS 35° 12.284'N, 85° 32.385'W
Main LZ 11.441'N, 85° 31.769'W
Bailout LZ None
Number of Flights per Year 70 Estimated
Site Requirements USPHA and Southern Para Pilots membership (or Tennessee Tree Toppers membership with SPP waiver).
Minimum Rating to fly site PG = P3
HG = H4

Beautiful ridge and valley with lots of thermal generation.
P2's may fly only under the following circumstances: Flights must occur under P2 appropriate conditions as defined by USHPA and under the guidance of a P3 mentor who has significant experience at the site being flown - mentorship being a one on one relationship encompassing all pre-flight and flight decisions.

This is a USHPA insured site, and as such, we require any and all instruction to be performed only by USHPA certified instructors who are Rogallo level members in good standing and having the proper insurance coverage.

All pilots are expected to adhere to these site requirements. Those found to be out of compliance with the above may have their privileges at SPP sites suspended or revoked.

There are many DNL areas in the valley. You must know where they are and be respectful. The best DNL list is maintained on the Tennessee Tree Toppers website. The winds in the valley are often much stronger and more southerly than at launch. Be sure to check the windsock in the LZ. When in doubt, go south (right) after launching and follow the ridge south to get significantly up wind of the LZ before heading out even for a sled-ride. To achieve maximum glide, leave the ridge and go straight out into the valley at trim speed and let the valley cross winds push you north toward the LZ.

Primary Landing Zone

The listed LZ is Castles which is tree lined so beware of rotor on stronger days. There is no good parking at the LZ so most vehicles should be left at the launch. The primary HG LZ is Church, which is north of Castles and is not to be used by PG pilots. If you get blown north and cannot make it up wind to Castles, be aware that the entire area around the Church LZ is DNL, including the LZ itself on Sunday's.


There is a Tennesse Tree Toppers grass HG ramp launch just north (left) of this site. DO NOT launch from this site as it is very dangerous for paragliders.

Be careful when launching as hang gliders from the other launch cross close in and there are often gliders running the ridge. It is advisable to blow a whistle before launching and when approaching the HG launch area. Also do not fly back and forth in front of the HG launch.

Just south of launch the ridge becomes a sheer cliff which is very productive for soaring. Just north of the HG launch is a gas line right of way which is an excellent thermal point.

Emergency Landing Zone
Pilots must ensure they will make the primary LZ as there is NO BAIL OUT.

Some form of radio communication is required to fly Whitwell PG. A 2 meter radio is preferred, but a GFS family band is acceptable however, they do not get good reception in the valley.

To Launch
Take I-24 just outside Chattanooga
1. Head northwest on I-24 W
2. Take exit 155 to merge onto TN-28 N toward Jasper/Dunlap 12.0 mi
3. Turn left onto S Main St 0.8 mi
4. Slight left onto TN-108 N/TN-108 Scenic N/Cumberland Dr Continue to follow TN-108 N/TN-108 Scenic N 5.0 mi
5. Turn left onto Hicks Ln 0.2 mi
6. Continue onto Mt Olive 3.8 mi
7. Turn left

From LZ to Launch
1. Head northeast on S Main St 0.3 mi
2. Turn left to stay on S Main St 0.8 mi
3. Slight left onto TN-108 N/TN-108 Scenic N/Cumberland Dr Continue to follow TN-108 N/TN-108 Scenic N 5.0 mi
4. Turn left onto Hicks Ln 0.2 mi
5. Continue onto Mt Olive 3.8 mi
6. Turn left 0.1 mi

There is a great little Mexican Resteraunt in town with reasonably priced 64oz Dos Equis, and some really good mexican food too...

El Metate
14007 Tennessee 28
Whitwell, TN 37397-5134