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Fred MacDowell

President & Secretary

I took my first paragliding class in 2006 and currently hold a P3 rating.  

I mostly fly in United States but have made several trips to South America and Europe to fly.  

Board member since 2010.


Sean Blanton

Vice President

Learned to fly in 2016 at Cloud 9 at point of the mountain Utah.  I have since flown in California, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, Utah, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia and the Alps.

My goal is to get as many people safely into the air as possible and preserve free flight. I hope to open new sites and help newer pilots be safe. I am rated P3 M1 rating and speed fly.  

Board Member since 2022.


Kim Browder


I got my wings back in 2008 at Atlanta Paragliding under the guidance of Chris Grantham and Luis Rosenkjer. I have been fortunate to have been able to fly all over the world and train with some amazing instructors. Currently a P4 and forever a student. I am also a former SPP Board member and look forward to serving again and logging some more airtime! 

Board member since 2021.  


Bryan Upchurch

Safety Offiicer

I started flying in 2013 and am currently P3 rated. 

I like being on the mountain and flying with my friends.

Board member since 2015.  


Kathleen MacDonald

Member Services

Early in 2011 a paragliding coworker introduced me to the sport.  After a quick search on the internet, I was hooked up with lessons and the club.

I am currently P2 rated and love flying our SPP's sites.

Board member since 2014.  


John Frazier

Director Site Development

Saw my first paraglider flying at Torrey Pines in 1990 and thought that just might be the way to fly.

Started flying in 2007 and currently hold a P4 rating. 

Board member since 2015.

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