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Flying Sites

If you reside in our five state area (AL, GA, TN, NC, or SC), you must join the club to fly SPP managed sites.

If you reside outside our five state area you may alternatively fly as a visiting member.

See the FLYING INFO page for more information.

Site Bell Web.png
Bell  Mountain

Bell mountain is a west facing P3/H4 site located in Hiawassee GA.  It is a flat cliff launch that requires excellent kitting skills and the path to the LZ requires a long glide over water. The launch area is part of the parking lot of a public park and can be crowed at times with spectators. 

Site Chilhowee Web.jpg

Chilhowee is a west facing P3/H4 site located in Benton TN.  It is a narrow steep slot launch with a long glide to the LZ.  Any cross winds on launch can be problematic and the area just before and in the LZ can be thermic in the late afternoon.  

Site Pigeon Web.jpg
Pigeon Mountain

Pigeon is a east facing P3/H4 site located in La Fayette GA.  It is a flat, true cliff launch, that requires a cliff launch rating.  The PG LZ is somewhat small and surrounded by trees and requires tight controlled turns at low altitude.  

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