Flying Information


1) Be a current member of USHPA.

2) Read and sign an SPP waiver.

3) Become an SPP member by paying dues.

4) Agree to abide by all club rules and site guidelines.


If you reside in our five state area (AL, GA, TN, NC, or SC), you must join the club to fly SPP managed sites.

Members have unlimited flying privileges, can participate in club competitions, and have full voting rights.

Southern Para Pilots yearly membership is $60.00 with the following exceptions;

$30.00 for additional family members
$30.00 for active duty and reserve U.S. military personnel.

Membership runs Jan-Dec, with dues, and a newly signed waiver due each January 1st. 

New memberships submitted after November 1st are considered fully paid and valid for the following year.


If you reside outside our five state area you may fly as a visiting member.

Visiting membership provides flying rights for 6 months at the reduced rate of $30.00.

You must read and sign a waiver and be a current member of USHPA. 

Non-US based pilots must additionally have a valid IPPI card and temporary USHPA membership.

All fees are collected via Paypal

Pay Membership Dues ($60)

Pay Discounted Dues or Visiting Membership ($30)